Scales of War

Back In Brindol

“Hmmmm, you speak of the one’s Kidnapped after Sinruth’s last attack. Yes, they’ve all returned, all except Kartenix. Poor, Thurann tells us he is dead. You are not the one’s Troyas tasked with rescuing them, but you’ll have to wait until morning to speak with him.

There’s been a bunch of you adventuring types arriving lately. Something big must be going down. The Silk and Spoon should have some rooms left for the night. Troyas is getting all the adventurers together in the morning for some big announcement. You can speak to him then.”

What would you like to do.


Lerissa will reserve her room for the night. She will then seek out a local sage to see if he has any information about where the party is and how the party can get back home.

Back In Brindol

(I’ll go ahead and assume you all enter Brindol and bed down for the night.)

The next morning each of you are woken by the night watchmen you met at the gate the previous night. He looks exhausted. He gives each of you the same message as he bangs on the door frame of your room. “Troyas will see you now!”

(Sounds like Lerissa wants to work on finding a way home. Would you like to split up and send some to meet with Troyas and some to find out if there is any way home?)

Back In Brindol

If Lerissa wasn’t able to quickly find out anything before nightfall, Lumli would rather stick together given the many strange events of late and considering that the group seems to be able to keep each other alive pretty well. Also, we can start asking about home with Troyas after the meeting if needed, or ask him where we might find a sage.

Back In Brindol

Lerissa does NOT want to venture off on her own and skip the meeting with Troyas. We need to present a united front to claim all the rewards promised to the other adventuring party. p. We still need a party name. “Lerissa’s Louts”? Anyone?

Back In Brindol

How about “The Sound and the Fury”?

Back In Brindol

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