Scales of War

Back In Brindol

“Hmmmm, you speak of the one’s Kidnapped after Sinruth’s last attack. Yes, they’ve all returned, all except Kartenix. Poor, Thurann tells us he is dead. You are not the one’s Troyas tasked with rescuing them, but you’ll have to wait until morning to speak with him.

There’s been a bunch of you adventuring types arriving lately. Something big must be going down. The Silk and Spoon should have some rooms left for the night. Troyas is getting all the adventurers together in the morning for some big announcement. You can speak to him then.”

What would you like to do.

Sinruth Defeated!

As Tor, Flint, Lerissa, and Lumli made one final sweep of the catacombs beneath the Castle Rivenroar they made it clear that the Red Hand would not rise again! (at least if they had anything to say about it) When the party came across a room filled with huge stone menhirs they were greeted by a massive, angry hobgoblin! “Who dares disturb me!” he shouted. “You will die!”, was the last full sentence Sinruth ever spoke. While Flint sent lightning bolts crashing down all over the room, the rest set to destroying the creature with massive blows that Sinruth couldn’t hope to dodge. Outnumbered, the hobgoblin leader fell to the overwhelming onslaught of the adventurers.

With a relatively quick search of the surrounding rooms, and after dealing with a few more nefarious creatures, the group was able to find all of the items on the list they had received from the dying druid when they fell into this mess. Also, pretty sure that all of the hostages had been located and sent back to Brindol, due to the fact that the only remaining residents of the crypt were the dead families that had been there for centuries, Tor felt that they should head for Brindol and see what kind of reward might be had for the, no doubt, priceless treasures they had recovered.

Items found:
  • Stick (Lerissa determined this is a +1 Rod of Corruption)
  • Vial of Liquid (Lerissa determined this is a Potion of Healing)
  • 10 gp
  • Letter to Sinruth from The Emissary
  • Ornate, Gilded Dragoncrest Helm [Quest Item]
  • Ceremonial Platinum Longsword (to heavy and blunt to be used as a weapon) [Quest Item]
  • Set of three shields with the Red Hand insignia [Quest Item]
  • Set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree [Quest Item]
  • Heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake [Quest Item]

All characters now have: 2951 XP


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